Barcelona People Were Arrested when, Following a Demonstration in Favor of Independence of West Papua

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Catalan People Were Arrested when, Following a Demonstration in Favor of Independence of West Papua
Demonstration in West Papua
Tabloid-Wani — A Catalan is one of hundreds arrested in a demonstration in favor of the independence of West Papua (Indonesia) held this Wednesday. The east side of the island of Papua is an independent country since 1975: Papua New Guinea. The demonstration took place in the provincial capital, Jayapura, and was organized by the National Committee of West Papua (KNPB).
Thousands of demonstrators were intercepted by the Indonesian police before they could reach the office of the Provincial Council. Indonesian media say the demonstration is part of a political situation in which the members of KNPB have ‘rejected the plan reconciliation Security Minister Luhut Panjaitan, as the government continues to use repressive tactics against the separatists. “
The Netherlands gave up the colony of West Papua in 1963 and the area became run by the UN until a referendum was held in 1969. The consultation was widely criticized for irregularities and culminated in the incorporation Indonesia. Since there is an active separatist insurgency.
The detainee says Andrew Catalan Arino and meadows and is a physics student at the University of Barcelona. The police are questioning to determine their relationship with the KNPB, as said the police spokesman Patrige Renwarin. ‘He was made two days in Jayapura and decided to join the demonstration, “specified. For its part, denounced the KNPB have been detained more than 1,200 activists from 10 June to participate in all kinds of political events related to the independence of the region.

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