Rex Horoi to be appointed Solomons’ West Papua envoy

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Rex Horoi to be appointed Solomons’ West Papua envoy

WANI/Radionz – Former Solomon Islands diplomat Rex Horoi is expected to be appointed his country’s special envoy on West Papua at the Melanesian Spearhead Group.

Solomons Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogovare, has intimated that Mr Horoi – the outgoing Director of the Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific – will take up the post shortly. He will be responsible for ensuring MSG support for West Papua’s inclusion in the United Nations Decolonisation list .

Under a Solomon Islands plan designed last year, the country was to have appointed a special envoy to lobby Pacific island governments to support West Papua’s inclusion on the list. The Solomon Islands is also expected to appoint Fe’iloakitau Tevi – former General Secretary of the Pacific Conference of Churches – as adviser to the special representative.

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  1. The people of West Papua have never forgotten that in 1969 when the devastating ‘Act of Free Choice’ took place, where the United Nations turned a blind eye to the illegal activities that resulted in the bloody occupation of West Papua, it was Ghana that took a courageous leading role and raised legitimate doubts over the conduct of Indonesia’s claim to sovereignty over West Papua. 19 African nations followed Ghana’s lead in voicing their opposition and calling for an amendment to the act, including Kenya, Togo and Sierra Leone.

    Press Release: West Papuan Independence Leader Benny Wenda visits Ghana

    In 1969 West Papua’s act of self-determination, known as the Act of Free Choice was held in order for West Papuans to decide whether to be independent or to join Indonesia. The Act should have been internationally monitored and held to international standards with universal suffrage. Instead the Indonesian army who had invaded, chose only 1026 people to vote on behalf of around one million West Papuan people. The overwhelming majority of our people were prevented from taking part in our own right of self-determination. In front the UN General Assembly the Ghanaian delegation, “expressed reservation concerning the method followed and considered that the people of West Irian had not exercised their right to self-determination”, and that, the ‘Act of Free Choice’ did not follow the basic guidelines laid down by the UN Secretary-General’s own Special Representative, and in this sense was a direct violation of the 1962 New York Agreement between Indonesia and the Netherlands that:“ the people of West Irian should be given a further opportunity, by the end of 1975, to carry out the act of free choice”. West Irian was the colonial name for West Papua used at the time. It was such a brave position that Ghana took that other countries (mostly African) supported their opposition to the illegal Act.

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