West Papua Activist Questions Credibility of Indonesia’s Head of Police

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West Papua Activist Questions Credibility of Indonesia's Head of Police
Benny Wenda

WANI/RadioNZ – A prominent West Papua independence activist has questioned
the credibility of the head of Indonesia’s police over claims made
against him that were later retracted.

Last week, Badrodin Haiti was reported by media of accusing Benny
Wenda, who lives in exile in Britain, of organising an attack against
Indonesian police officers in West Papua.

Mr Wenda denied the claims, and Mr Haiti later said he never metioned
Mr Wenda’s name or suggested he was responsible for organising the
shooting of a police officer in Senak.

In a statement, Mr Wenda says Mr Haiti has been caught lying, which
he suggests raises questions about what statements other police and
military officials in West Papua are able to get away with.

He also says he was indirectly threatened by the head of the
country’s intelligence agency, Sutiyoso, who told media that ‘dark
methods’ would be used against him if he refused to cooperate.

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